About Us

Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide resources for victims , witnesses, and survivors of domestic violence to foster the ability to leave and prevent returning to domestically abusive situations that often result in death. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to end domestic violence through awareness, education, prevention, and intervention by creating safe, transitional environments from violent situations in to order to maintain peaceful lives. 

Board of Directors

Meet The Founder


Clinton C Patton Sr.  BS, MHR, LPC

 Behavioral Health Therapist, Domestic Violence Interventionist Motivational Speaker, and Author 

Clinton Patton received his B.S. in Psychology from Texas A&M University - Commerce and a Masters in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. He maintains licensing as Professional Counselor (LPC). 

Clinton Patton is the owner of Patton Behavioral Health, LLC, in (Oklahoma City Oklahoma); a private practice that provides individual, family and group counseling. He is also the CEO of The Ashley Renae Hamilton Foundation, a foundation focused on domestic violence education, awareness and intervention.

Clinton has over 11 years of experience, specializing in various behavioral health issues such as depression, ADHD, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, PTSD, and so forth. In addition, he possesses 7 years of experience in inpatient care, as a mental health worker. In this role, he worked, specifically, with sexually abused children. Clinton has extraordinary passion for helping others obtain desired outcomes within the therapeutic process. He possesses the appropriate skills to encourage change, promoting positive results. His background also includes work with families in lower socio-economic status, motivating and facilitating necessary environmental changes conducive for healthy family relationships.

Clinton’s public speaking career spans over 10 years. He often serves as key note speaker, specifically on the following topics: domestic violence education and intervention, mental health vs. behavioral health, at-risk youth empowerment, parenting at-risk children and adolescences, bridging the gap between mental health professionals and educators and healthy relationships between mothers and sons. Clinton is the author of Resilience: The Story of An Extraordinary Little Boy, a story of abuse, perseverance, and success. 

Clinton has over 10 years of advocacy and intervention for victims of domestic violence. Clinton Patton established The Ashely Renae Hamilton Foundation following the tragic death of his sister due to domestic violence. Clinton decided the he had to do something to help victims of domestic violence because they have the right to live in peace through community education, awareness, and intervention.

Clinton Patton resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In his leisure time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as drawing and baking. Playing football, basketball, and softball are his favorite ways to stay fit and healthy. With God at the head of his life, Clinton is driven by the passion to teach, mentor and counsel at-risk children and adolescents. Also he maintains passion to end domestic violence. His career is rooted in love.

“I believe, wholeheartedly, that love is the foundation of success and encompasses all things.”

 – Clinton C. Patton Sr., MHR, LPC



Co-Executive Director/ Vice President

Courtney Garcia

Courtney Garcia, is a licensed professional

cosmetologist and has been in the hair industry for

over 20 years. In August of 2016, she launched her

own business, Toast Of The Town Hair Fashions

LLC, in which the name originates from her

grandmother who owned & operated her own salon

in Los Angeles, CA in 1965-1990’s. Although

Courtney has an undying love for hair, the

humanitarian side of her not only shines behind the

chair, but also in the community of OKC.

Her community & volunteer work began in the Fall

of 2015, as she began volunteering one day a week

at Young Achievers Christian Academy(YACA) for

nearly 3 years.

Courtney also volunteered one day a week at 2

summer sessions for the Oklahoma Youth Literacy

Program(OKYLP) in 2016 & 2017.

In April of 2016, she created The Love Rally to

bring hope, love, & peace to the youth on the

Eastside of OKC. This event was birthed in light of

all the recent gun violence among the youth that

year. The Love Rally was successfully put together

as a Free event that included free food & drinks,

free games & prizes, modern Christian

entertainment with guest speaker Kevin

Thornton(singing group Color Me Badd). The Love

Rally was able to touch the lives of over 200 people

that day.

Courtney then went on to help create The

Community Prayer Group in the summer of 2016.

The group would travel to the most troubled parts

of OKC and pray over them. The prayer group

instantly grew into a school series where they

began to receive requests for prayer from

numerous schools in OKC.


Erica Plunkett

Erica Plunkett is passionate about helping individuals succeed and caring for others.  Erica was originally born in Oklahoma City, but was raised in San Antonio, TX. She obtained an Associates in Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with an emphasis in Database Administration.  Erica has several other years of experience and certifications in other areas which gives her well rounded expertise. Her hobbies are reading, tennis, and being a mother.

Community Liaison

Angela Van Zandt

This was born and raised in Tulsa Oklahoma and holds a

Bachelor of Arts in Gerontology from Langston University. Angela is a

Gerontologist that specializes in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care.

Currently, Ms. Van Zandt is completing a Masters in Rehabilitation

Counseling at Langston University. Currently certified as a Behavioral

Health Case Manager II, Ms. Van Zandt focuses on the strength and

mental health and well being of the community at large.

Ms. Van Zandt resides in Edmond Oklahoma where she values her time as

a world class “soccer mom” to her two boys Zion and Aaron.

Much of her life has been dedicated to the service of others, first as a girl

scout (K-12th) and now functioning in many leadership roles throughout the

Oklahoma City Metropolitan area.

Angela Van Zandt is a sought-after revolutionary writer, motivational

speaker and singer. Angela has the distinguished reputation as being a

catalyst of change and a voice of hope to many.

The experiences of her life, has resulted in Angela developing a true

passion to disciple others in love and to exemplify an honest and open

relationship with God. Her transparency is for the purpose of assisting

others in developing a vulnerability and transparency with God for


Through her business Van Zandt Consulting Solutions LLC, Angela has

been able to be a guiding light for many either through business consulting,

grant proposal writing and organizational development. Most often, she

simply is known to be a great source for referrals and resources. She has

been able to bring a team of mentors together that not only inspire and

motivate her, but that also believe in kingdom building.

With a kingdom building mindset, Angela is now preparing for the next

phase which encompasses the principles of employing the provision of

vision. Habakkuk 2:2 “And the Lord answered me and said, Write the

vision, and make it plain upon tables, that may run that readeth it.”

It is Angela’s understanding according to His will and plans for your life that

God never gives you a vision without the provision for it. Angela now

envisions hosting seminars and providing classes which focuses on just

five specific ways that God provides resources to fulfill your vision.